Evil Democracy: 1932 Gameplay Preview – Turnbased Political Campaign Sim

*Evil Democracy: 1932 developed and published by Hamsters Gaming – June 5, 2020 (Early Access)
*MSRP: $11.99 (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1219950/Evil_Democracy_1932/

Evil Democracy: 1932 is a political campaign management sim set in the backdrop of War World II. Your main goal is to win elections in one of three separate campaigns.

The game has currently three campaigns available, the longest taking 450 turns.

You win elections by acquiring the most votes by the end of the campaign, indicated by the total number of turns available before the election takes place. In order to win the election, you have several tools at your disposal.

Managing your team of journalists maximizes the effectiveness of your newspapers. You can fire and hire better journalists as the game progresses.

The first tool available are newspapers and leaflets. You can hire journalists to manage the newspaper and to write articles. For articles, you have the choice of interviews, to boost the chosen party leader’s charisma, or investigative pieces, to slander and spread disinformation about other parties in order to ruin their image. Each journalist has a passive stat that gives bonuses for each task. Printing a large amount of newspapers and leaflets will get you more voters but will also cost more money.

Your staff is another arsenal to gathering the much needed votes.

Another tool at your disposal are staff members. Staff members fall into one of three categories, campaign, promoters, and activists. Campaigners can be assigned to states/countries to agitate the people living there and draw voters away from rival parties. Promoters increase the impact of newspapers and activists will pretty much do the same thing as campaigners. It can get a little complicated here as hiring more staff will take up more of your available budget.

Reallocating campaigners will help lead you to victory.

Management of the campaigners will make the difference between losing and winning. Since your funds are limited, you will need to reallocate campaigners from countries where you have a large lead to countries where you are not doing as well in order to maximize the number of votes gained and countries/states won.

The game has a few other mechanics available, such as staging protests every few turns, picking a dogma that will give one positive effect and one negative effect, and etc.

“I love democracy.” – Senator Palpatine

Overall Evil Democracy: 1932 is a pretty stress free game due to its turn based nature and relatively long number of turns available before each election. Fans of mellow management sims may have another title that may be worth checking out.

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