Pixel Starships Gameplay Preview – Clash of Clans in Space!

*Pixel Starships developed & published by SavySoda – May 1, 2020
*MSRP: F2P (Steam, Mobile) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/378760/Pixel_Starships/

Pixel Starships is basically Clash of Clans in space. It’s a port of the mobile game where your main goal is to build and upgrade your star ship. This part of the game is similar to another mobile game, Fallout Shelter.

Clash of Clans meets Fallout Shelter in space!

You have two main currencies to upgrade your ship, minerals and gas. Starbux is the premium currency used to buy minerals, rare npcs, and speed up upgrades. You can build collectors that slowly gather these resources over time as well as storage units to increase the amount you can carry at a given time.

These are all the types of buildings you can build on your space ship. You can level up your space ship as well.

Along with resource units, you have many different weapons, power generation units to supply power to certain areas, crew quarters to increase crew size, and research tables. As the game progresses you can also upgrade your ship to increase the size and unlock new technology.

PvP and solo missions include fighting other ships and other players.

Where it differs from Clash of Clans is the ability to run single player solo missions and well as choose to engage in PvP battles with other player’s ships. You don’t have to worry about being attacked and getting your resources stolen. Some of the mission include sending off crew members to fight in a mini turn based battle system as well.

It also has elements of a Gacha game, where you try to collect rare npcs.

Overall, Pixel Starships offers the same kind of playstyle as Clash of Clans and similar mobile games. It can be pretty addicting to play and your wallet may be incredibly sad. You have been warned!

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