Conglomerate 451 Gameplay Preview – Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler

*Conglomerate 451 by RuneHeads, published by 1C Entertainment – Feburary 20, 2020
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) –

Conglomerate 451 is a cyber punk themed first person dungeon crawler. It brings to mind games like Etrian Odyssey, Legend of Grimrock, and the Might and Magic games of old.

This is the mission select screen. You can manage your team and then head off on a mission.

You form a team of three specialist and go off on missions to clear dungeons. As you gain reputation, you unlock larger and more challenging dungeons to clear. Each mission gives you a different win state for each dungeon, such as find a specific item or defeating all enemies.

There are so many possible things to upgrade. It may be a little overwhelming at times.

When you aren’t clearing dungeons, you are back in the hub menu where you can tweak many aspects of your team to improve your success rate. You can research passive upgrades that will allow you to do things such as upgrade weapons and skills. You can manage your troops by changing skills, upgrading abilities, and modifying equipment by upgrading it or swapping out modules.

The combat has an incredible level of depth and possible ways to play.

The combat phase is pretty straight forward but there are a lot of status buffs, debuffs, and minutiae to consider as you progress in the game. You can do things such as buff a sniper’s damage output, have someone mark a target, and then go for a headshot for maximum damage. There are a lot of ways abilities interconnect and that flexibility will lead to many different ways you can build your teams to defeat the enemy.

The game also has a pretty solid metal sound track.

Dungeon crawlers like Conglomerate certainly aren’t for everyone but for fans of the genre, Conglomerate is another solid entry.

P.S. You can totally mute your android companion if she gets on your nerves.

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