The Shattering Gameplay Preview – Psychological Thriller Walking Simulator

*The Shattering by Super Sexy Software, published by Deck13 – April 21, 2020
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) –

The Shattering is a walking simulator that deals with traumatic events and how they affect our everyday lives and the process of accepting and overcoming them.

You seemed to have had a car accident while intoxicated but not all is as it seems.

You are watching events as they unfold through the eyes of the main protagonist, John Evans. You start out in presumably what is the hospital, talking to one psychiatrist Doctor W. Richards. John seems to have been in a car accident while intoxicated and is suffering from amnesia. Doctor Richards is walking you through the process of recovering your memories.

The game’s main mechanic is walking and experiencing the narrative.

The gameplay loop is very similar to other walking simulators such as Gone Home and What Remains of Edith Finch. The main controls consist of walking around the environment and interacting with a few items as the narrative progresses around you.

Most of the puzzles are light and most of them revolve around finding the right items.

There are a few light puzzle elements, mostly revolving around interacting with the right items in the right order. They are not difficult but there is a lack of clear direction sometimes so you just end up wandering around the level, clicking everything in sight much like the point and click adventure games of yore.

Some of the delivery is a bit disjointed and ham fisted.

The story is engaging and the element of mystery and figuring out what happened to John is riveting for the most part, although some sections of how the narrative is displayed can be a bit disjointed and the delivery ham fisted. The game play elements can sometimes be lacking clear direction as well.

The game deals with trauma and the emotional and mental baggage that come with it.

Overall, the game deals with darker aspects of life that most other games don’t bother covering and that is something I can appreciate. Flaws of the game aside, fans of walking simulators and darker themes, such as trauma, have a solid game to look forward to.

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