A Fold Apart Gameplay Preview – 2D Paper Puzzle Game

*A Fold Apart developed and published by Lightning Rod Games – April 16, 2020
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/451310/A_Fold_Apart/

A Fold Apart is a saccharine sweet puzzle game with the main mechanic revolving around the concept of folding paper.

The main game mechanic centers on manipulating the level by making folds.

The game’s main goal is to navigate the characters to a star on the map. In order to do so, you need to manipulate the level by flipping it and making folds to create new pathways to the objective.

As the game progresses, it adds in new mechanics such as movable blocks, disappearing platforms, folding diagonally, and being able to rotate the map.

If the levels are too hard, there is a hint system available to help you out. No shame.

The levels provide just the right amount of challenge, enough to be challenging, but not too hard to be frustrating. And in the case the levels are too difficult, it comes with hints available to help the player out.

The level of drama here is very high, I would rate it at .8 kdramas.

Layered on top of the puzzle solving is a romantic love story about a couple trying to tackle the challenges of navigating a long distance relationship. It’s full of drama here, and I’m talking kdrama levels. It always ends on a positive note and I can honestly say this is probably one of the most wholesome games my jaded heart has ever seen.

Cheer up little blue guy.

The piano back track is fantastic, and the little touches in the animation and attention to detail makes this game a lovely experience. There are six chapters total in this game and you can beat the game in about three to four hours.

This is one of the most wholesome games my jaded heart has ever seen.

Puzzle fans (as well as kdrama fans) have another solid and enjoyable experience to look forward to in A Fold Apart.

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