Hidden Through Time Gameplay Preview – Family Friendly Hidden Objects Game

Hidden Through Time by Crazy Monkey Studios – March 12, 2020
MSRP: $7.99 (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/524910/Hidden_Through_Time/

Hidden Through Time is a very colorful and cute hide and seek game that takes you on a journey through time.

On a journey through time.

You look for objects that are hidden in each level and while most items do have descriptive clues that will help make it easier to find them, some still present a challenge.

Some levels are massive!

The music is relaxing and soothing and the graphics and animations are adorable. There is some level of interaction with the items as you can look inside buildings, light fires, and click on characters to make noises.

Custom levels galore!

The game also features a level editor and online levels so you can try your hand at making your own levels or play other people’s once you finish the main campaign.

Overall I enjoyed the game more than I thought I would. It helped keep my mind off things and force me to slow down, relax, and enjoy the here and now, which was much needed considering the things that are currently happening.

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