Wartile Gameplay Preview – Miniature boardgame like real time strategy

Wartile by Playwood Project, published by Deck 13 + Whisper Games – February 8, 2018 (PC), March 24, 2020 (PS4, XBox One)
MSRP: $19.99 (Steam, PS4, XBox One) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/404200/WARTILE/

Wartile is a real time strategy game that look and feels like a tabletop miniature game.

Each figurine has available certain weapons, equipment, and abilities.

You take figurines into battle on levels that look like handcrafted, beautifully tiled boards. Each figurine has the ability to wield different types of weapons (such as ranged, spear, melee) and use different abilities.

Each level tweaks the enemy types, abilities, and strategies as well as rule sets that change up the pace of the game, such as having areas that constantly spawn enemies.

The game features levels that look like beautifully tiled, handcrafted tabletops.

The game mechanics are in real time but there is a cool down for every action so it feels closer to a turn based game. Armor and attack types matter, as certain weapons do more damage against certain figurines. Positioning your figurines on the board is key to victory as things such as high ground advantage, and flanking damage ensure victory when dealing with multiple foes.

The game changes up the pace of battle by making available abilities via cards.

In addition to abilities, and standard attacks (which are executed automatically), you have available a random assortment of special abilities presented as cards, similar to something like Hearthstone. Each ability card can change the tide of battle to your advantage by healing a figurine, stunning an enemy, or placing traps to stop enemy movement or deaggress. Each card uses a certain amount of ability points, which you gain as you defeat enemies.

Wartile makes real time strategy more accessible by taking out the need to micromanage each unit and every action every second but maintains a pretty high level of challenge by focusing on the strategy aspect of the genre. Unit type, equipment, abilities, and positioning matter greatly because you are often overwhelmed by enemy units if you play carelessly. Fans of strategy games in general may find this title appealing.

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