Maelstrom Gameplay Preview – Boat on Boat Battleship Royale

Maelstrom by Gunpowder Games Inc, published by Forthright Entertainment Inc – September 20, 2019
MSRP: Free to Play (Steam) –

Maelstrom is a boat on boat battleship royale.

You take control of a ship of your choice into watery combat. The available ships have varying stats and playstyles, such as slow but formidable cannon heavy powerhouses to lithe and mobile frigates that specialize in hit and run attacks.

You can use whirlpools and ocean currents to your advantage.

After the match starts, you can down npc ships for upgrades and gold. You can also down enemy player characters for consumable items, upgrades, and gold as well. As the game progresses, the playable area shrinks as typical of a battle royale game. Going outside the playable area oftentimes results in death by a massive megalodon.

The gameplay is smooth and intuitive. It features a lot of streamlined combat and movement mechanics found in many other naval games of the sort, such as having the need to predict enemy movement, orienting your ship correctly for defense and offense, and using fog and ocean currents to your advantage.

Upgrading your ship and crewmates increase a wide range of passive stats. Shown above is crew strength.

Once the match is over, you can spend your hard earned gold to upgrade ships, hire crew members, or purchase new ships. Upgrading ships and hiring crew members will increase certain passive traits for your boat, increasing its survivability and viability in combat.

All progress is unlocked via gold earned in matches.

There is really no pay to win methods in this game as all progress is made by playing the game, with the premium currency unlocking only cosmetics.

Maelstrom is an enjoyable ship combat game that you can jump in and play immediately without having to worry about mastering the mechanics available right away. In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, “Savvy.”

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