Maiden and Spell Gameplay Preview – Bullet Hell featuring Cute Anime Girls

Maiden and Spell by mino_dev LLC, published by mino_dev LLC, Maple Whispering Limited – February 25, 2020
MSRP: 12.99 (Steam) –

Maiden and Spell is a bullet hell lite game featuring some very cute animation and artwork. Some may compare it to Touhou.

The game play is very similar to a bullet hell game but purists may deem it a little on the easy side. The game features a story mode where you play as one of eight characters, all of them being cute anime girls.

The game puts you in control of said cute anime girl. Each level in the story mode pits you against another cute anime girl. Did I mention this game has plenty of cute anime girls? You fight each other as you move around the map, trying your darnedest to dodge the enemy bullets. Aside from your basic attack, you also have available a secondary attack, an attack that can be charged up, and two defensive abilities, usually dodging and/or nullifying damage.

Successfully attack the opponent a couple of times will activate their Magnus Attack.

After hitting your opponent a number of times, it activates their Magnus ability. Their attacks turn more devious and deadly and they are protected by a large hp buffer. After defeating them in their Magnus state, the cycle repeats until you defeat them a couple more times.

The game also features online play (featuring rollback netcode) where you can face others.

The artwork is fantastic. It’s well drawn and all the characters and dialogue are adorable. The music is well done as well and the game shows an extreme level of polish. This is definitely a game for bullet hell enthusiasts and fans of anime due to the challenging but also manageable game play.

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