Broomstick League Gameplay Preview – It’s Quidditch

Broomstick League by Virtual Basement LLC, Code Headquarters, Blue Isle Studio, published by Blue Isle Publishing – March 5, 2020 (Early Access)
MSRP: 14.99 (Steam) –

Broomstick League is Quidditch. You can now live out your Harry Potter fantasies. Also everyone is bald. So if you wanted to be Harry Potter but bald, this is the perfect game for you.

The action is fast and frantic.

Jokes aside, this is a very fast paced, buttery smooth, three on three goal oriented game with chaos in every moment. It feels very similar to Rocket League but with more precision to your aiming and overall game play.

The controls feel great with your standard movement, a boost to catch up to or flee enemies, and a roll to avoid enemy attacks. You also have available to you a teleport spell for quick movement, a magnet spell to draw the ball to you, and an offensive spell to knock both the ball and players away.

Darn you Mystimeaner and your cleverly punny name. Well played.

The games feel fast paced with action every moment. Right now the player base seems to be on the small side so the game will pair you up with bots if there are not enough players. Some of the players who have been playing this game since alpha are incredibly skilled and I got absolutely destroyed playing against some of them.

More cosmetic options incoming. But my motto is “No hair, no problem.”

While the game is in early access, the base game and it’s mechanics work extremely well. There are more features on the way, such as a ranked mode, more cosmetic choices for player characters and arenas, and etc.

Broomstick League is a dream come true for fans of Rocket League and Harry Potter alike.

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