Pathologic 2 Game Play Preview – Deadly Premonition’s Kindred Spirit – Out now for PS4

Pathologic 2 by Ice-Pick Lodge, published by tinyBuild – May 23, 2019
MSRP: $34.99 (Steam, XBox, PS4) –

Pathologic 2 is a single player Role Playing Game set in what seems to be a tiny secluded town ravaged by an unknown disease. On top of that, there seems to be a mystical element to the people and events happening to the protagonist.

Hello Uncanny Valley!

I’m going to start off by saying the game does have some rough qualities to it, mostly in the facial animations and the voice acting. There is a lot of uncanny valley going on in the game along with some incredibly dry and hamfisted delivery of lines. The pacing and delivery of the narrative seems to be a bit choppy as well, lacking finesse and smoothness.

Once the game opens up, you have quite a large area to explore.

However, once you get past the opening of the game, it starts to open up and the narrative pulls you in. If I were to compare this to a game, it would be have to be Deadly Premonition, another wonderfully weird, janky game full of charm and strangeness.

I have no idea what’s going on.

The events unfolding, the characters you meet, and the overall strangeness and surreal world make me want to dive deeper and find out more about this place and the people occupying it.

As for the game play, it’s designed to be quite difficult. It requires the player to manage some meters, such as health, thirst, hunger, sleep, and immunity. Supplies are hard to come by if you want to be an honest person but you can always turn to a life of crime and steal and cheat your way to victory, but at what price.

There is also a general reputation meter where too many unsavory acts will cause the townsmen to lose trust in you, which will cut off access to trade and even cause them to attack you on sight.

What a wonderfully weird, and strange game. The broken parts add to the charm much like Deadly Premonition.

As you complete quests and interact with people, you start to unravel the mystery of who killed your father. Did I mention the game starts by letting you know your father, who summoned you back to your home town with a foreboding letter, was murdered? It’s that kind of game, and oddities aside, has an endearing side that took me by surprise. This game will go next to Deadly Premonition on my list of weird, kooky, and slightly broken games that I can’t help but like.

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