Not for Broadcast Gameplay Preview – The Dystopian Future is Now

Not for Broadcast by NotGames, published by tinyBuild – January 30, 2020 (Early Access)
MSRP: $14.99 (Steam) –

Not for Broadcast puts the player in control of broadcasting a live nightly news channel set in a dystopian future very close to our present timeline.

It features segments in full motion video often containing biting satire from which no person or group is safe from.

So many controls! So many possibilities!

The game play controlling the broadcast seems to be pretty close to the real thing as players are tasked with properly switching between different feeds to focus on the active speaker, censoring unsavory words, and switching to ad rolls.

The game changes up the pace of the game play by adding in situations that require the player’s undivided attention, such as one hilarious segment where nude protestors storm the event and you have to do your darnedest not to show any derrieres on the live broadcast. It was like playing Dance Dance Revolution, switching between the feeds in a feeble attempt to keep the broadcast clean.

Choosing which advertisements to play will have a huge impact on public opinion.

The game also forces the player to make some hard choices, such as deciding to support the governmental forces in control, or to choose to advertise products of questionable safety in exchange for more ad revenue.

Narrative elements are delivered through text. You can make choices that impact both your professional and personal life.

In between the broadcast, there are some narrative exposition delivered through text, with some very hard decisions to make that affect both your professional and personal life.

As of this writing, the game currently has chapter one out, consisting of three broadcasts with chapter two coming very soon. The teaser foreshadowed some massive government conspiracy affecting humanity on a global scale.

You can view your own broadcasts as well as all the feeds and advertisements.

Overall the game had me pleasantly surprised, as I am very fond of working with video. It also made me think of the moral and ethical implications of creating media and the struggle to monetize content through advertisements and sponsorships. With such a source of monetization comes the struggling of maintaining profitability while being truthful to the viewers. This hits pretty close to home as a YouTuber as well as working on games coverage.

The teaser for chapter two has me looking forward to the game. Anyone who loves FMV games or the world of broadcasting may have an unique game to look forward to.

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