Elteria Adventures Gameplay Preview – Platformer MMO with Voxel Based Crafting (Alpha)

Elteria Adventures by Elteria Team, Published by Heatherglade – Coming Soon
MSRP: TBD (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/744200/Elteria_Adventures/

Elteria Adventures is a MMO with a heavy emphasis on platformer game play mechanics. The game also has terrain that can be destroyed or modified by the player as well as elements of crafting, in terms of both equipment and structures.

The world of Elteria consists of many floating islands that can be traversed by jumping on clouds or by using some very bouncy mushrooms.

I picked the Demolisher because, well, I wanted to demolish watermelons.

There are four classes available as of now for the player. The Fighter is a sword based combat class. The Demolisher is a fire mage focusing on destructive magic. The Architect is a fist based melee class. And finally the Summoner relies on summoning mushrooms to disable and reposition foes, as well as giant tentacles to deal damage.

Game has some colorful and adorable characters.

The game is pretty rough right now, as to be expected in it’s current alpha state. The game does seem to have potential as a very accessible, pick up and play MMO with a deep level of world building with the voxel based crafting system. Look forward to more news as the world of Elteria develops and evolves.

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