To Hell with Hell Gameplay Preview – Bullet Hell Roguelike

To Hell with Hell by Lazurite Games – February 25, 2020 (Full Release)
MSRP: $16.99 (Steam) –

To Hell with Hell is a bullet hell rogue like. It is surprisingly difficult, only because I am not well versed in the art of dodging hundreds of bullet with pinpoint precision.

There are 10 available stages, 4 bosses, and 3 difficulty levels.

The game has a total of ten levels, four bosses, and three difficulty levels. You must play through the first available difficulty level before unlocking the next ones.

The levels are randomly generated and offer a variety of enemies. As you progress further into the game, the enemies become more challenging. Some have attacks that home in on you, some have explosions that cover most of the map, and etc.

To combat the enemies, you are able to carry up to three weapons and two masks. The weapons are found randomly in each level through chests or purchased at the shop, which is available once you clear a level. The weapons can range from your standard melee weapons to guns of all types, magic wands, and etc.

The masks grant you a HP buffer and two special abilities. The mask I had for most of the game allowed you to slow time and also launch a massive, explosive fireball that cleared the level. Masks are found randomly on each level or purchased from the shop as well.

I got used to seeing the game over screen many, many times.

As you clear levels, you are able to pick from a wide variety of perks to help you progress in the game. Anything to give you an edge in the game is appreciated as To Hell with Hell definitely does not give you an easy time. Fans of bullet hell games and/or challenging games in general may have a title to look forward to in To Hell with Hell.

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