Resolutiion Demo Gameplay Preview – 2D Exploration, Action Game

Resolutiion by Monolith of Minds – Early 2020
MSRP: TBD (Steam) –

Resolutiion is a fast paced action game where the main protagonist, an old killer missing memories, sets out to explore a grim, dark world.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. The plot thickens.

Not much of the narrative is explained from the beginning of the game but bits and pieces are slowly revealed to you as you progress in the game. Fragments of memories are recovered piece by piece as you defeat bosses and the tone of the current setting is implied through small conversations.

The game play itself feels great, with responsive controls and a battle loop that is almost rhythmic in nature. You have available to you, your main melee attack, a dash move to dodge attacks and traverse the terrain quickly, and a variety of gadgets to equip and use, such as a shotgun or land mine.

There is no enemy as fearsome as the giant cat, destroyer of all things good.

The two dimensional sprite based graphics look great and the music is amazing as well. Fans of two dimensional, exploration based, action heavy games may yet have another title to look forward to in 2020.

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