Hunter’s Arena: Legends Gameplay Preview – Battle Royale with Complex Combat

Hunter’s Arena: Legends by Mantisco – Closed Beta February 21-23, 2020 (Steam)
MSRP: TBA (Steam) –

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is not your ordinary battle royale. It changes up the formula by adding in a rather deep and complex combat system as well as heavy PvE elements.

Lobby where the player can get ready before the match begins.

The game starts you off in a player lobby area as you wait for enough players to join the game. In the lobby, you can spend your starting gold on equippable items to increase your offensive and/or defensive capabilities, modify equipment to make them stronger, or buy a mount to travel across the expansive map in a timely fashion.

Punching mobs with a giant fist from the sky.

Once the game starts, players speed out across the map on horseback or on foot to fight mobs of monsters roaming the map. Dungeons provide a more difficult challenge with harder mobs and mob bosses but reward risk taking players with better loot.

As players level up from clearing mobs, they gain points to put into any of four main skills and one ultimate. You also have a secondary ability tree you can distribute points into, according to your playstyle (offensive, defensive, etc.).

As the game progresses, the ring gets smaller like a traditional battle royale, forcing players into a smaller area and increasing the probability of an encounter with enemy players. Dungeons also provide a greater risk as many who want to get an advantage over other players will be more likely to congregate around such areas, being limited in number.

The game has a very complex battle system at it’s core.

The combat system is complex and difficult to master but very rewarding when you can defeat an enemy player in combat. The action is a bit similar to Dark Souls in that you are often times committed to your attack animation. You do have a dodge, animation cancel ability but the usage is limited. Attacks require a certain amount of planning and execution; button mashing against an experience player will only get you a swift defeat. Combat mechanics such as counters, counter counters, guard breaks, etc. make for a frantic, mind game heavy experience where foresight, patience, and clean execution of combos will often times lead to victory.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is scheduled for release in early 2020 and might be a game worth keeping an eye out for those who enjoy not only battle royales but also a deeply complex competitive game.

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