The Key to Turning Linear Growth into Exponential Growth

Pointy Flat Cast 023 – Linear Growth vs Exponential

There’s one topic that’s been weighing heavily on my mind and heart lately, my growth trend curve for YouTube. It’s linear. A little too linear for my taste. My future projections place my channel hitting one thousand subscribers in almost two years. One thousand is a vital number because that is when you can apply for the partnership program on YouTube and start earning ad revenue on your videos.

I don’t have two years to wait before I start generating revenue. So I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on how to change that growth curve from linear to exponential for hitting one thousand subscribers. Now linear growth is a great thing. I’m incredibly grateful to see that on my channel because that means that given enough time, I’ll eventually hit critical mass. And the truth is that there are no short cuts to success. You can, however, expedite growth in terms of reaching certain short term milestones.

Honestly speaking, I can’t afford to keep making content for two years before I start to see any income at all on YouTube. Hitting that one thousand subscriber mark as soon as possible would be a wise thing to do. So after analyzing all the data that I had available to me, I realized the key to exponential growth for the short term. You need a few quality pieces of content with high user engagement.

There’s no trick to figuring this out. You can try following trends, you can try random things. In the end, there’s no real obvious factor in determining what will do well other than trying out new things and looking at the data. I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon two pieces of content that managed to generate huge spikes of traffic to my channel and drive subscriptions and user engagement, my Astroneer base video and my No Man’s Sky exocraft guide video.

Now I have no idea why these two pieces of content are doing so well but they are. The key here is to look at your own analytics for your content and see what is driving the most user engagement and focus on distilling what makes it so marketable. It’ll be different for each person even if they are making the same type of content on the same platform.

Once you spend time figuring out the key elements on why that piece of content did so well, you need to spend a lot of time and effort making one piece of similar high quality content. Just focus on one! Your goal is to increase the production value on this one key piece and then use the traffic from the original body of work to redirect it to your new work in order to increase it’s initial exposure. Since they should be similar in nature, the traffic should grow organically after that. Now you have two pieces of key content that are driving traffic to your brand.

For me, that means making an even bigger and better base and making an even better looking video covering it. It’s worth it to spend months on this video because it will increase traffic considerably to my channel and increase user engagement.

This doesn’t mean abandoning everything you are doing. It just means adding a few things on top of it. If you are experience a linear growth trend, that means you are doing something right. The content you are making right now is the foundation to everything you are doing. You just need to build a few key pieces on top of that foundation of solid growth.

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