Stellar Commanders Gameplay Preview – Fast Deck Based RTS

Stellar Commanders by Blindflug Studios AG – Released on February 20, 2020 (Steam)
MSRP $15.99 (Steam) –

Stellar Commanders is an incredibly fast paced card based real time strategy game more akin to Clash Royale and Minion Masters than Starcraft 2. The game offers fast and frantic game play without the need for micromanaging units or resources. This game is more about getting the most out of the cards you have in your hand. Each match is seven minutes long with two phases.

Phase 1 – fighting for territorial control.

The first phase is the longest and consists of conquering territory by any means necessary, including stealing land from the enemy. After the first phase ends, any unconquered territory is destroyed. The second phase at the end is more frantic and your last chance to either cement your victory or try and turn around a loss.

Building a balanced deck is essential to victory.

The game play itself is centered around your cards. You have a couple of different types from missiles that can be launched at enemy territory or structures, to armored vehicles that can take over neutral or enemy territory, to special abilities like a crippling EMP pulse launched from orbit. Each card takes up differing amounts of energy, which is replenished over time.

Frantic action vying for victory during the last phase.

Stellar Commanders is a great for gamers who are a fan of building decks for different strategies but don’t want to be overwhelmed with the micromanagement of more traditional real time strategy games.

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