Disintegration Technical Beta Overview, Open Beta Coming Soon!

Disintegration by V1 Interactive (published by Private Division) – Releasing 2020

Only the multiplayer portion was available for the closed technical beta. Based on what I could see, Disintegration is a competitive team based first person shooter sprinkled with a light dressing of real time strategy.

You pick from seven available crews. Crews are basically different factions. You control a pilot in a hovercraft, called a Gravcycle, directly. You also have available to you minions on the ground that you can control indirectly. You can set their destination as well as which targets to prioritize in battle. The ground troops also have one unique ability. You can control when and where to activate those abilities.

The King’s Guard

The seven crews present some different ways to play the game. Most Gravcycles have two weapons, one primary weapon and one secondary. They range from close range machine guns, to assault rifles, to a support sniper class that can slow enemies hit. Secondary weapons can range from a close range shotgun, to an AOE healing beacon, to a tactical nuke. Each crew comes with a different set of ground troops available as well.

There were two modes available in the technical beta: a control style map, and a payload map.

Fiery death when facing multiple foes alone

The game play is quite team oriented. Gravcycles can be a little bit bullet spongy in a one one one battle so it is impossible to take on a fight where you are outnumbered. Coordination and communication are vital components to victory. While the combat needs a bit of balancing the game play itself does feel smooth.

Disintegration looks promising for fans of competitive team based games as well as those who enjoy light real time strategy elements. For those interested, the open beta will take place from January 31st to February 1st. The game will be released later in 2020.

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