A comprehensive guide to Base stats, SVs, and Tvs in Temtem

What is up fellow Temtem tamers! Ducky Obrien here and here is a short guide on base stats, SVs, and TVs and what they mean for your Temtem.

Let’s go take a look at the detailed stats that are displayed once you click on a Temtem. Here you can see three columns for each of the seven stats. The first column shows the current value for that specific stat based on the base stats of the Temtem.

Each species of Temtem have unique base stats and it determines how many points you gain in each category as it levels up. Some Temtem will be more suited to taking damage by having higher base stats in HP, Defense, and Special Defense. Other Temtem will be more suited to basic attacks by having higher base stats in Attack. Other Temtem will be more suited for special, elemental, based attacks and so forth.

A Luma Paharo

The second column is SVs. SV stands for Single Value. Single Values range from a minimum of one to a maximum of fifty. Single Values are randomly determined the moment you catch a Temtem. Some rare situations, such as getting your starter Temtem or receiving Temtems from NPCs, have set SVs. Luma Temtem will always have three maxed out SVs. Luma Temtem have different coloration along with unique visual special effects. The spawn rate for Luma Temtems is 1 in 6000. You can also raise SVs up to a maximum of fifty by using rare items such as the Telomere Hack. Each Telomere Hack will increase the specified stat by one.

As you can see, since the range of SVs is only one to fifty, it will not make a big impact on your enjoyment of the game. It’s biggest impact is felt in the world of competitive battling. A perfect Temtem with max SVs and TVs will have a considerable edge over a non maxed Temtem. Refer to the breeding guide for more information about breeding the perfect Temtem.

Moving on the the last column, here we see TVs. TV stands for Training Values. You have a maximum allowed allotment of one thousand TVs and a stat can max out at five hundred. You obtain TVs by either defeating Temtem, or by using special fruits to either increase or decrease TVs. Each Temtem you defeat will give you a set number of TVs in a set category. TVs decrease in the effect they have on stats the higher the level of the Temtem. As of now, for the early access level cap of forty eight, you will basically get one base stat value for every ten TVs. (A max of five hundred TV will be roughly the equivalent of a base stat increase of fifty).

For example, for every Paharo you defeat, those Temtem that battled it will gain one HP TV. If you defeated five hundred Paharo, those Temtem will have the maximum HP TV allowed of five hundred. Defeating any more Paharo will not increase the HP TV anymore. Out of the total allotment of one thousand points available, you used five hundred for HP. So now you have five hundred TV points left to distribute into other categories.

Each Tateru defeated by your active squad of Temtem will gain two TV for stamina and so forth. Linked here is a handy TV list from the Temtem wiki. Make sure to expand the TV List link to view the entire list.

For raising Temtem for competitive battling or for maximizing their role in your team composition, you may want to max certain TVs. For attack oriented Temtem, you may want the max five hundred TVs in attack and special attack. For defense oriented Temtem, you may want the max five hundred TVs in defense and HP. Or you may want to create a balanced Temtem by bolstering an attack Temtem’s weak defenses.

By using a map guide to see Temtem spawn rates and locations and selectively choosing which Temtem to battle, you can control which TVs your Temtem will gain. Here is the link to the interactive map.

You may also use special fruit available in the Mokupuni Fruit Co-op to either increase TVs or decrease TVs in a certain category. You may want to use these fruit to avoid grinding for TVs manually or reclaim TVs from an unwanted category and reallocate them elsewhere. For example, the Enhancer Mango will add twenty TV to Special Attack, up to a total of five hundred.

Selective SV breeding example from TTV/wooptydo

As you can see, compared to SVs, you have more control and a wider range of TVs available. Every single point properly allocated contributes to gaining an edge in competitive battling. For enjoying the single player content in the game, there is no need to worry about properly gaining SVs and TVs.

I hope this guide was helpful to you. Thank you for dropping by, I really do appreciate it. If you have any questions, comments, or things you would like to see please feel free to leave a comment down below. I’ll be making more guides on Temtem so look forward to those! Thank you once again, and as always, catch you guys next time.

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