Wildcat Gun Machine Gameplay Preview

Developed by Chunkybox Games, published by Daedalic Entertainment – May 4, 2022 (X1/S/X, PS4, S, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1288610/Wildcat_Gun_Machine/

Wildcat Gun Machine is a top down, isometric dungeon crawler with some of the combat feeling like a bullet hell lite. The game does feel a bit on the easier side but it does get difficult during some parts where you can easily get overwhelmed by a lot of enemies…especially those charging explodey skull things.

The dungeon is color coded. All the red parts are the areas you can access in the beginning and other areas open up once you find the corresponding key.

The game is fairly linear at the beginning. Each dungeon area is color coded and you can only access new colored areas by finding the key of the matching color. You crawl through the dungeon one room at a time. Once you enter, the doors are locked until you defeat all enemies.

The combat is pretty manageable for the most part and never gets too hectic.

The enemies spawn in waves and the encounters slowly get more challenging over time. You start with some generic floating skulls that run at you in a straight line. Then you start getting aliens that shoot bullets at you and so forth. I am not the best at bullet hell games but I didn’t have much difficulty with this game so most people should have an ok time with it in terms of the difficulty being manageable.

The shotgun is the first weapon upgrade you pick up and boy is it much more fun than the pistol. I feel sad whenever I run out of ammo and have to use the pistol.

The combat feels pretty ok for the most part. You have a basic pistol with unlimited ammo. It doesn’t do much damage and fires pretty slowly until you get enough bones to purchase a better pistol. The bones are found on skeletons, as one would assume, located usually in side areas of the dungeon. Throughout the levels, you’ll find a secondary weapon once in a while. The secondary weapon is much more powerful and has limited ammo. Once the ammo runs out, you’ll switch back to your pistol until you pick up more ammo for your secondary. The first weapon you’ll run into is the shotgun. It works much better and honestly speaking the combat does feel much more sadder when you run out of ammo and have to use the pistol.

After exploring the dungeon, Wildcat Gun Machine does handy portals in convenient locations to teleport you back to the starting point of the map. There, you can purchase additional upgrades and lives. The upgrades can include things such as better pistols, increased movement speed, and improving your dash and grenade abilities.

The bosses are huge and definitely spawn more bullets but the fights are still manageable.

At the end of a level is usually a huge boss that spews a lot of bullets. This segment feels more akin to a bullet hell as there are plenty of bullets on the screen but it doesn’t get too crazy.

Overall, Wildcat Gun Machine is a pretty solid dungeon crawler. The 2D art looks pretty stylish. The combat feels ok and isn’t too difficult. It’s a nice casual romp.

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