Dorfromantik Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Toukana Interactive – April 28, 2022 (PC)
*MSRP: $13.99 –

Dorfromantik is a board game like puzzle game. You place down tiles representing different types of landscapes. By connecting a certain number of matching landscapes in a row, you can win more tiles and keep the game going for the ultimate high score.

You place down hexagons, with each edge representing a different landscape.

The game’s rule set is so simple and intuitive. Each tile is a hexagon. On each edge of the hexagon are randomly selected landscapes. For example, an edge can have a house on it, some trees, a plain, water, or even train tracks. A hexagon can have a random assortment of landscape types so you may get a tile that is all plains, or mixed with a variety of other types.

As you can see above, if I connect 3 railroads, 3 grains, and 1 more house I will get extra tiles.

You simply place the tile onto the board next to any of the tiles already placed. By making sure the edges match and are the same type, you can get a higher score. You also need to create a long chain of matching edges in order to win more tiles. For example, you may have a goal of creating a chain of seven houses in a row attached at a certain starting point in order to gain more tiles.

I managed to reach a high score of 2500 because I was more concerned with matching all the edges instead of getting more tiles. You can play the game however you want.

When you run out of tiles, the game ends, your score recorded, and you start anew. Even though the game is scored, it never feels like a competition. It’s a relaxing experience of taking one’s time to think carefully about where to place the next tile while creating a landscape that looks pleasing to the eye.

Overall, Dorfromantik is a relaxing game. Even though the rule set is so simple and intuitive, it still requires some strategizing in order to effectively gain points and keep new tiles added. In the case you don’t want to play for a high score, you can simply ignore everything and just place down tiles to create a lovely looking place. Either way, it’s a stress free experience.

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