Godlike Burger Gameplay Preview

Developed by Liquid Pug, published by Daedalic Entertainment – April 21, 2022 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1432910/Godlike_Burger/

Godlike Burger will probably immediately bring to mind games like Overcooked when you start playing it. At its core is a very accessible and intuitive game about running a restaurant. You bring meat patties out of the fridge and fry them, and then you assemble the burger to order and serve it to the correct customer. There’s just one catch…the burgers are made out of the customers!

You have to kill customers in order to turn them into patties and that means waiting for them to be alone like in the bathroom. What a way to go.

That’s right, you are quite literally what you eat in this game. In Godlike Burger the macabre twist is that all of the meat is made out of your customers. You have to go and “harvest” prospective future patties by hacking them to death with your kitchen knife or by using devious traps that you can install all around your restaurant.

You can’t just kill everyone because you still need paying customers in order to pay the bills. No one escapes from bills.

It’s not as easy as going around and turning everyone into patties however. You do need to earn enough money to pay the bills and restock your kitchen with ingredients. If you don’t, collectors will actually come to your restaurant and angry customers will not want to pay. Ah yes, the never ending fear of going into debt, now that’s immersive realism. There is also the additional conundrum of other non pattified customers calling the cops if they see a dead body lying around or you covered in blood because of hacking someone to death with a knife.

Whenever you kill someone with the knife, you get covered with blood and have to wash it off in the sink. You can still be spotted in this phase so you have to watch out.

Once the police are called, they will come and investigate your restaurant and you have to be quick to cover your tracks. If you continue to get caught, you will be under more scrutiny so it’ll be harder to carry out your operations.

Sauces force customers to take action like smoking or going to the bathroom, leaving them vulnerable. Traps help you incapacitate them.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to restock your fridge with burger ingredients, make sauces, pay the bills, purchase and upgrade your traps, and you can choose to fly to a new planet in order to expand your business or just escape from the cops if there’s too much heat.

I really enjoyed playing this game and even found it more enjoyable than Overcooked. There’s just way more depth and nuance to the game play than simply successfully completing orders. You have to carry out a tricky balancing act of making sure you turn enough customers into patties so you have a steady supply of meat with making sure you meet enough orders so customers pay and you earn an income with making sure you let enough satisfied customers leave alive so the prestige of your restaurant goes up and you can continue to attract more customers.

All of this while meeting orders. The cooking is definitely more simple than a game like Overcooked. For the patties, each customer will have a meat type they are ok with eating. If you serve them the wrong meat type, they will get sick and leave unsatisfied. After cooking the meat, you simply place it on a bun in the warming station and stack the other ingredients in the correct order.

The game is genuinely fun. It has more depth and nuance than Overcooked for me.

The game makes it more hectic by having your appliances break in the middle of cooking. You just have to give it a few good kicks to have it operational again. In addition to this, every level will have some sort of randomly generated side objective to meet. For example, one objective may have tiny aliens running in and attempting to steal your burgers and ingredients. So now you have to pay attention and kick the tiny aliens out before they steal anything while finishing orders while chasing customers down to turn them into patties.

The game is very hectic but there’s also way more things to think about while playing. It gave the game more depth. You don’t just simply worry about fulfilling orders, you need to manage your restaurant as well. This requires effective use of traps. The traps let you dispose of customers in convenient locations without bloodying yourself. Fully upgraded traps will even automatically dispose of the body. The traps stay upgraded and you can store money in the safe for your next run if you fail the present one.

Overall, Godlike Burger is a very enjoyable game for those who like games like Overcooked. The additional layers of having to keep your kitchen stocked while making enough money to pay the bills really does make the game more engaging. Even sneaking around to get to the customers becomes a game in and of itself. Godlike Burger manages to take the formula that made Overcooked fun and kicks it up a notch.

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