Coromon Gameplay Preview

Developed by TRAGsoft, published by Freedom Games – March 31, 2022 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Coromon is another Pokemon clone and a pretty solid one at that. It manages to capture the old school feel of the Game Boy Advance Pokemon titles.

No joke, I will spend hours and hours in the first patch of grass to level up my starters.

I haven’t played through enough of the game to have a full grasp on the in depth mechanics of Coromon but I can say that so far my time with the game has been enjoyable. The reason for this is, is that I play these types of game in a very specific way. I spend an inordinate amount of time grinding to level up my pokemon in the starting areas. Now I’m not as crazy as my friend who leveled up their starter Coromon to one hundred in literally the first patch of grass they came across, but I do spend more time than most people leveling up the starters.

The game does the classic JRPG thing of hiding items everywhere. Be sure to check every nook and cranny!

I have no idea if the game has the same invisible mechanics such as IVs, EVs, and how breeding works but I can tell you that Coromon successfully scratches that itch of catching them all and leveling them up. The game also copies the old school JRPG tradition of hiding items in every conceivable place, so I spent a lot of time checking every nook and cranny for items. It brought back memories of playing games like The Legend of Dragoon on the Playstation 1 and of course Pokemon Red on my Game Boy Color.

Your gauntlet can equip modules which do the same thing Hidden Machines did in Pokemon.

The game also gives you some very handy quality of life improvements immediately. In Coromon, you have a Thanos approved gauntlet that can support modules. You are given a stink module at the start of the game that will enable you to disable wild Coromon from attacking you in a given patch of grass. It can be used repeatedly but it does have a short cool down. You can also fast travel from location to location as well. The game does a great job of keeping the base mechanics that make Pokemon Pokemon while streamlining some of the more tedious elements of the genre.

The game provides a very clear objective at the start. Your goal is to investigate the Titan Essence.

The game also gives you a clear objective at the start of the game. Instead of wanting to be the very best, the best there ever was, your goal in Coromon is to investigate Titan Essence. It’s a mysterious element with unlimited potential. Each Titan Essence is located in a specific part of the world and is guarded by a mythical Coromon. You start your journey by heading to a town to have a specialist install the Titan Essence Collector into your gauntlet.

Overall, Coromon feels pretty fun to play. The old school pixel art looks great, the sound track is nostalgic, and the basic game play stays true to what makes Pokemon great.

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