PowerWash Simulator Gameplay Preview

Developed by FuturLab, published by Square Enix – May 19, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1290000/PowerWash_Simulator/

PowerWash Simulator is an interesting non game where you power wash everyday items and locations. You waste a stupefying amount of water in your fight against dirt and grime. It’s highly repetitive, very time consuming, and seemingly mundane yet I can’t seem to stop playing it.

The game slowly eases you into your addiction, I mean job, of power washing items. It starts you off with smaller objects such as a van and a motorcycle. It then unlocks larger venues such as the backyard of a well off citizen, a run down house, a playground, and so forth.

Who knew power washing had so many accessories!

As you complete jobs, you earn money to further immerse yourself into the world of power washing. You can unlock more powerful washers, nozzle types, extenders, and attachments that add functionality like a soap dispenser.

You have to make sure you power wash in style. Otherwise your fellow washers may disapprove.

You can even purchase skins to decorate your equipment and buy new clothes so you can power wash in style. It’s a silly addition but skins always seem to motivate people to grind for them.

All you are doing is waving the wand back and forth but it is unimaginably addictive.

The game play is pretty simple but sublime. All you are doing is waving your wand back and forth to wash dirty surfaces. There’s really no other interaction other than rotating the nozzle sometimes, maybe adding in soap, or taking a brief moment to grab a ladder to get to a hard to reach place.

The game is actually pretty relaxing and satisfying to play.

It seems too simple to be true yet it manages to captivate the attention of the person playing the game. It’s the perfect mindless time waster. There are really no stressful elements nor a difficult goal. Anyone can take their time and use their own method to clean the objectives. You get the immediate gratification of seeing the objects being cleaned in real time. It’s genius!

And just when you think the game is getting repetitive, it adds in new and bigger locations, lets you toy around with new unlocks, and always dangles that carrot of new skins for you to unlock.

Overall, PowerWash Simulator is a simple but fantastic waste of your time. I didn’t think that cleaning would be so satisfying. It actually made me want to power wash items in real life if I had an unlimited supply of water.

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