GameGuru Max Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by TheGameCreators – March 25, 2022 (PC)
*MSRP: $49.99 –

GameGuru Max is a game development tool where you can easily and quickly develop a first person shooter game from the ground up. It is quite convenient and intuitive and while you could make a half decent game with this, it certainly does not have the same level of control and fine tuning as Unreal Engine or Unity.

I would highly recommend watching all of the included tutorials before diving into GameGuru. There are many things the tutorials do not cover as well, such as how to script events, so I would recommend looking up guides as you use GameGuru.

I found GameGuru to be incredibly easy to use. You just simply generate terrain of your choose, and then select a portion of it to be your game level. From there, you can fine tune the terrain by removing or planting more vegetation as well as change the topography.

GameGuru already includes objects you can easily and quickly add into you game world.

After that, you can simply add premade structures, decorate with some objects, and place down enemies and you have a instant, bona fide first person shooter you can start play testing immediately.

I did find that there weren’t enough object to my liking…such as chairs. So I improvised and used crates instead.

I did find that the amount of included objects were not enough to construct a convincing environment depending on the game you wanted to make, so you will want to import your own. You can find plenty of royalty free assets from online or if you want to go dive into a rabbit hole, start learning blender and design your own objects.

GameGuru is pretty easy and intuitive enough to use for quickly prototyping a game.

In my opinion, GameGuru Max is pretty good for someone just starting out in game development. You don’t need to learn coding because GameGuru makes it incredibly easy and uses a graphical user interface. You don’t need to learn blender because the game already comes with some assets. You really don’t need to learn much other than learning how to use GameGuru itself.

I definitely did feel like it was more limited than using Unreal or Unity. It’s not a bad place to start however.

While it is incredibly convenient and you can customize it to a certain extent, it certainly feels like it falls short of more versatile and powerful engines such as Unity and Unreal. The tradeoff here is that GameGuru is incredibly easy to get into at the expense of lacking the flexibility of the more commercially aimed engines.

Overall, I would recommend GameGuru Max for any beginning developer wanting to make first person shooters for fun or as a hobby. It’s a great starting point but I would definitely recommend checking out Unreal or Unity at some point if you want to make game development more than just a hobby. They are industry standards, used industry wide, and well worth learning.

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