Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Zoo Corporation – March 17, 2022 (PC)
*MSRP: $4.99 –

We’re back covering another Pretty Girls game. This is my fourth game that I have played in the Pretty Girl series and Four Kings Solitaire is another solid addition.

As you can see above, I can place the 8 card from the draw pile to any of the 5 standing columns.

The game uses a modified rule set of solitaire. You draw one card from the pile and you can place it on any of the five columns available. However, you can’t move the card to another column once placed. On the top right hand side are four columns ending with kings. You can take the bottom most card in any of the five columns and place it on the four kings column if that column will accept that card. Each four kings column will tell you which card you can place, the suit does not matter.

The first column will require a 2 next. I can take the 2 of hearts directly from the draw pile and place it on the first column. The next card will be a 3, as shown next to the column.

For example, the first column may require a card with a value of two. Any card with a value of two, regardless of suit, can be taken from any of the five standing columns if it is the bottom most card, or you can place it directly from the draw pile. It sounds confusing now, but once you play it, the game will make much more sense.

Each of the four kings columns tell you the sequence of cards as well. This will allow you to strategize the placement of cards from the draw pile onto the five standing columns. If you place the cards willy nilly all over the place, you may be unable to access a card you need.

This rule set of solitaire reduces the randomness of the game and relies more on strategy to be able to move the cards around effectively. You may find yourself in a pickle but the game will allow you to move a bottom card directly onto a four kings column or reshuffle all the cards placed on the five columns at the cost of adding time to your score.

The core game play is genuinely fun, as much of the games in Pretty Girls series are. The game also features anime girls with some ridiculously large chests, which honestly made me feel a little bit uncomfortable. It may be a bonus for some people though. Four Kings Solitaire is a bit different from the other games in the series in that it will take approximately four hours to get all the achievements instead of the usual two hours of game play. This is because you have to repeat each difficulty ten times to unlock the achievement as opposed to playing levels in sequence.

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