Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Exit Plan Games – March 3, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $16.99 –

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles may have been misnamed because the title hides the fact that this game is actually a very well made action adventure game. The game is a very seamless and fluid experience. There is no HUD cluttering the screen, no hand holdy tutorial sequences interrupting the game play, and no complicated menu screens. Everything just flows very smoothly.

The only problem with the game being so seamless is that some things lack a little bit of context. I don’t know exactly why I’m a ball, and why I’m banging on other balls, but in the end it really doesn’t matter thanks to how fun the game is.

One of the main objectives is to sink ships in the first set. I don’t know why but I dont ask questions, I’m just a ball.

You play as a ball entering the world of movies to complete certain objectives. Each world is massive and has plenty of side quests, collectables, and places to explore. For example, the first world has the set of a viking era movie. Your goal is to free your comrades and sink some ships. Why? We don’t exactly know but can anyone truly claim to know what goes on in the mind of an intelligent sphere?

The ice wand will let you freeze enemies by running into them.

The collectables range from weapons that give your attacks special properties, to shields, hats, and cosmetic accessories. They are spread and hidden throughout the level and gives the player a reason to explore every nook and cranny.

There is always something to do in each area. Shown above, you can spend your currency to unlock a new hat.

The game feels great to play. The world is large and well designed. Each area has its own theme and set of enemies, from giant castles, to a harbor with cannon balls destroying buildings as you advance. There’s always something to do in every area as well. Each area is littered with enemies to fight, places to explore, and collectables to find aside from the main objectives.

The game is designed around movie sets. It looks pretty nice and creates a seamless overworld.

The combat is pretty enjoyable as well. It’s very simple and you just simply smash into other balls from the front or above. The combat encounters do get more difficult as you advance, especially some boss encounters where they split into small balls and overwhelm you with numbers.

Overall, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a very well made, well designed, and well polished game. It’s a pretty rare game where everything is so fluid and seamless.

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