ForeVR Darts Gameplay Preview (VR)

Developed by ForeVR Games Inc, published by ForeVR Games – December 16, 2021 (Oculus Quest)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

ForeVR Darts is a relaxing VR darts game from the same developer that made ForeVR Bowling, which also happens to be a pretty decent VR bowling game. ForeVR Darts is made in the same vein of relaxing and fun VR sim.

The goal of the game is to lower your score of 101 to 0 in the fewest turns possible. You get three dart throws each turn.

The game is pretty straight forward, you take turns throwing three darts to to lower the score of one hundred and one to zero. If you go lower, you will fail. If you managed to hit two double bullseyes and then a one, you would win in one turn. You can play by yourself, against the npcs, or against real people.

You can play your own music in the game via YouTube. It’s a nice touch.

The game has additional touches like letting you play your own music from YouTube, customizing your playing field as well as your darts. The new cosmetics are unlocked by simply playing the game so it does help to create a sense of progression.

The hand tracking for the dart throwing works pretty well. Hand tracking did not work well for everything else for me.

The game feels pretty good to play. You hold up the controller to aim and swing your arm forward to throw the dart. It feels sort of close to the real thing but it is definitely much easier to be accurate in this game than in real life. The game also has hand tracking available and while the controls for the dart throwing feel pretty good, and in my opinion better than using the controllers, doing everything else feels markedly inferior.

The unlockable darts and stages to help to create a small sense of progression in the game.

To move around with hand tracking, you keep your hand palm facing upwards to aim the cursor, and then clench your hand into a fist to move. It didn’t work reliably in my own personal experience to the point where it was frustrating to move. I would definitely use controllers for moving around and then use hand tracking to throw the darts.

Overall, ForeVR Darts is a pretty well made VR dart game. The controls feel pretty accurate and immersive for the most part. The game is just simple fun.

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