Noble Fates Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Xobermon, LLC – December 14, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $24.99 –

Noble Fates is a management sim where you play as a demigod trying to create the best kingdom ever. It is a pretty chill game where you take your time and create an ideal city much like most other management sims.

You can actually control your ruler directly. That’s a first for a management sim for me. Also, I picked this orc because it was wearing a Santa hat.

Noble Fates is a management sim so most of the game is spent issuing orders and your orcs will take care of the tasks themselves. I would say that you don’t take direct control over your units but in this game you actually can. You can select each individual unit to issue commands. You can even take direct control over your ruler and the game turns into a close up third person game. It’s actually pretty neat and adds another layer of immersion, especially for those who want a more hands on approach to the game play.

This game has a lot of things going on at the individual unit level. It adds a new twist to the game play.

As for the other elements of the game, there are mechanics I found that weren’t usually found in other management sims. For example, each orc had their own equipment load out. Depending on their preferences, equipping certain items increased their status. Each unit also has tasks they are good at and bad at. The game seemed to focus more on actually directly managing individual units to some extent, which adds more things to do in the game. There are plenty of other mechanics in the game as well, such as crafting and a loose conversation system, that adds more layers and depth to the game play.

Overall, Noble Fates is a pretty chill management sim with an interesting twist. Actually being able to control your unit directly does make the game feel different as well as the focus on individual units make this game feel much more like a hands on sandbox simulation. It adds to the management sim formula in an interesting way I really haven’t seen done before.

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