Titan Quest Anniversary Edition – Eternal Embers Gameplay Preview

Developed by Digital Arrow, THQ Nordic, published by THQ Nordic – December 3, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1804460/Titan_Quest_Eternal_Embers/

I remember playing the original Titan Quest way back when it first came out around fifteen years ago. I am not the biggest fan of dungeon crawlers like Diablo so I only play them casually. Titan Quest was an ok game to me and Eternal Embers is a pretty solid addition to Titan Quest as well.

You can start a blank lvl 70 character with all the skill and mastery points unallocated.

You need to have a character on Legendary mode to play the Eternal Embers content and the DLC lets you create a level seventy character so you can start playing the new content right away. Doing this will create a character with all the skill and mastery points unallocated so you can build your character as you please. You also do get some very good starter armor but each piece has a minus twenty percent penalty to experience gain so you’re going to want to find some better armor as soon as possible.

The game gives you the option to play through the entire campaign from the beginning to level up and obtain gear if you want.

The game starts you off in the mythical east but it is quite difficult to travel through this area. The enemies are a higher level than you so it is quite easy to die to even weak mobs. The game gives you the option to portal to Helos to play the game over from the very beginning to give you a chance to gain experience and find better gear. All of the quests are open and the enemies start around five levels below you so this gives you an easy way to get back into the game for new or returning players.

The DLC is pretty difficult if you forgot how to play the game like me. I still managed to barely get through the levels through sheer strength of will.

You can just choose to go straight into the new content and while very difficult, even a casual player like me managed to struggle my way through the new content. It is definitely a challenge and required me to kite enemies one at a time, wait for ability cool downs, and use a lot of potions.

As for the new content, Eternal Embers has four new acts, fifteen side quests, thirty new enemies and bosses, and a new mastery that uses alchemy.

Overall, Eternal Embers is a pretty ok expansion to Titan Quest. It breathes some life into an aging game but what we really need here is a Titan Quest 2 THQ! Let’s make it happen.

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