Himno – The Silent Melody Gameplay Preview

Developed by David Moralejo Sanchez, published by GrabTheGames – October 20, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $11.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1079230/Himno__The_Silent_Melody/

Himno – The Silent Melody is a pretty mysterious game. It’s a roguelite that looks and plays like Terraria. Nothing is explained at all so you must go explore and figure out things on your own. It’s by design as the journey of discovery is part of the game’s process. This may frustrate some individuals depending on what kind of experience they are looking for.

This is the teleporter to the dungeon world. You can skip to other biomes once you make progress.

The game starts in a hub world. Here you can build a base and interact with the npcs you find along the way. You have a teleporter that will transport you into the dungeon world.

There is a lot of verticality. Also, the levels are extremely dark, I’m not a personal fan of the lack of visibility.

Once in the dungeon, you will see levels with a lot of verticality. There are lot of small floating landmasses and you have to do a lot of jumping to compass the entire level. The levels seem procedurally generated and this leads to some difficulty in navigating the levels sometimes. Also, the controls on keyboard, while functional, do not feel the best, especially the inconsistent dash.

You will find items and crafting materials to help you on your journey.

As you explore the levels, you find crafting materials, new weapons and items, gold, and buffs. You’ll also run into many enemies. Since this is a roguelite, taking as little damage as possible is key to finishing your journey. Periodically, you will find crafting tables that you can use to craft items to help you on your journey. A shield is especially helpful as it will help you block enemy attacks.

This is a mini boss I ran into. I died pretty quickly as I had no equipment.

The game did scratch the same itch that Terraria did to a certain extent. You roam a 2D world, harvesting everything you can get your hands on and build up a massive base. The roguelite elements do put a damper on that as you lose everything you gathered upon death. You can use a teleport potion to return to your base before finishing the level but at the cost of half of your inventory disappearing.

Overall, Himno – The Silent Melody is an interesting attempt at creating an unique roguelite but the design of a game being like Terraria doesn’t really match up with losing items upon death. You don’t really get to farm right away and explore and build your base up at your own leisure. It will definitely appeal to some but others may end up feeling frustrated and directionless without any clear objectives and having to deal with item loss upon death.

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