Settlement Survival Gameplay Preview – Another Relaxing Management Sim

Developed and published by Gleamer Corporation – October 2021 (PC)

Settlement Survival is another chill management sim. I’ve managed to cover a lot of management sims over the years and this one is pretty competently built.

You start out with a small band of villagers and some starting resources.

Settlement Survival has the standard staples of most management sims. You have a small band of villagers that you must take care of by making sure they are adequately fed, sheltered, and happy. The game is pretty relaxed so there are really no large obstacles other than dealing with winter and possible food and fuel shortages.

The tech tree is fleshed out but easy to use and understand.

As with most management sim games, there is a tech tree. You gain development points by growing and managing your city and you can spend these points to unlock new technology and structures. The tech tree is pretty fleshed out but simple and easy to use and understand.

The game makes it pretty easy and intuitive to control. One small touch that I really enjoyed was the ability to toggle through different cosmetic versions of buildings. I personally like making my town as aesthetically pleasing as possible so the variety of cosmetic options were a welcome addition.

The game is pretty forgiving. I managed to grow a city despite the fact that I completely forgot to equip my villagers with sufficient tools.

Overall, I don’t really much have much to say other than Settlement Survival is a pretty well built management sim. It’s relaxing to play, has enough depth to make it engaging but not overly complicated and best of all there are no stressful choices to make like in Frost Punk. You can focus on growing a thriving city without having to worry about just barely surviving all the time.

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