Flewfie’s Adventure Gameplay Preview

Developed by Cosmic Boop, Valorware, published by Valorware – September 23, 2021 (X1, PS4, S, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1327440/Flewfies_Adventure/

Flewfie’s Adventure looks like a kid’s game at first glance. It has an incredibly cute art style and wholesomeness to the point of it being saccharine sweet. Underneath all the cuteness however, is a pretty solid game. It’s a fairly easy but competent platformer.

You fly around and defeat enemies in your trusty UFO. Even the bullets are cute in this game.

The mechanics of Flewfie’s Adventure is very straight forward. You control a UFO that shoots bullets (even the bullets are cute), grabs items via a beam, and can gain a temporary boost in speed to help avoid enemy fire. You fly through each level, defeating enemies and solving simple puzzles, with the main objective of reaching the end of the level.

Each level contains a secret side area where you can save a Bundrop.

In each level are secret side areas with the objective of saving a bundrop and collecting five coins. Collecting all the coins will let you unlock the level chest, which will contain an upgrade for your UFO or yourself. The bundrop will let you play a card game called Fyued.

This is Fyued, a simple but deadly game of wits.

Fyued is simple but can get incredibly frustrating as it still requires a lot of strategy. You have three piles and each pile may only contain two cards. Each player has a hand of three cards. Each card has three values, left, middle, and right. Each person takes a turn placing down cards and if the person placing the card has the same or higher values than the adjacent cards, that person takes ownership of those cards. Games take only a minute to play but the sting of losing lasts forever.

The game is actually enjoyable enough as a time waster. It is pretty easy to collect everything so this will definitely be appealing to all the completionists out there. If you want more of a challenge, I would recommend starting out on hard mode.

There is a decent amount of content in the game. There are multiple worlds, each with their own cute theme.

Overall, Flewfie’s Adventure is a competent game. The graphics are well done and incredibly cute, with some being reminiscent of the quirkiness found in Adventure Time. The mechanics are simple and easily grasped. The music is well done as well but not something I would want to listen to on a constant loop. The game has enough to offer for someone looking for a fun, casual experience or something easy to 100%.

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