Seed of Life Gameplay Preview – An Exploration Adventure Game with Potential

Developed by MadLight, published by Leonardo Interactive – August 11, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $24.99 –

Seed of Life is a game about exploration at its heart. It’s quite enjoyable once you get into the game. You play a young woman exploring a dying alien planet in search of a seed that can potentially restore the life force of the planet itself. There are some slight rough areas, however, that make getting immersed into the game a bit more difficult than it should be.

The dialogue is quite poor and redundant. It literally states what is happening. Yes, I can see that the ship is really close.

For starters, the game has voice acting and it is quite possibly the flattest, most emotionless performance I have ever heard. The tempo of the speech is very slow and lacks almost any emotion. In addition to this, the dialogue is poorly written. Instead of Cora responding naturally to the environment and events happening around her, the dialogue instead states what is literally happening in the cut scene followed by what the player should do next. This misses a vital opportunity for the player to get to know Cora as an individual. Simply stating what’s happening doesn’t build any character!

There are so many unnecessary cut scenes in the game. It drives me insane!

This combined with the slow pace of the speech and some cut scenes being unskippable make it feel incredibly boring. The scenes feel like they drag on for an eternity. There are simply too many cut scenes in the beginning of the game and they feel intrusive and pedantic. Simply let the voice acted narration play while letting us play the game without taking away control. Cut scenes should underscore important points in the development of the narrative, and not be used every time the game wants to point something out to the player.

These things are only a minor complaint as they are mainly prevalent towards the beginning of the game and once you reach the more open area, the game starts to feel like a true explorative adventure.

The game actually opens up later and is significantly much more enjoyable once you can start exploring.

You interact with plants to gain Lumium, the game’s equivalent of energy or mana. You unlock capsules that give you more abilities to traverse the dangerous environments. And as you gain more Lumium and capsules, you can access areas of the world that were previously too dangerous to explore. The game is basically a semi-open world metroidvania game. This is where the game starts to be enjoyable. It is quite unfortunate that the slow and monotone opening of the game will deter some players from investing more time into the game. If they can look past that, the game definitely opens up.

Overall, Seed of Life has some potential as game for people who like exploring worlds but is marred by a very slow start. There’s some fun to be had here but you’re definitely going to have to put in some work and exercise some patience.

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