Shakes on a Plane Gameplay Preview – I Wish I Had Friends

Developed by Huu Games, published by Assemble Entertainment, WhisperGames – December 15,, 2020 (X1/S/X, PS4, S, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 –

Shakes on a Plane is a party game in the same genre as Overcooked. You prepare a variety of zany food items for your passengers on the plane. It gets pretty difficult and I sure wish I had some friends to help me out.

Sadly, I don’t have friends and this game does not have online multiplayer as well, so you will have to have access to a real friend near you or have a fast enough internet connection to use Steam Remote Play. In my person experience, Steam Remote Play was unusable unless the person streaming the game had a very fast upload speed (around 100Mbps or higher).

This game is incredibly stressful on the later levels with the sheer amount of tasks you need to juggle.

The game can be played solo but it does get very stressful. There are a lot of tasks you have to juggle. You have to get the food items. Some food items must be reheated while the packaged ones can be served immediately. Some menu items, such as the shakes, must be combined in the blender before being served. Now throw on top of this multi item orders which requires the usage of trays and you have a very chaotic and hectic experience.

It doesn’t even stop there. After a short time, the customer who ordered the food will be done and you have to go and pick up the garbage. It becomes a very fun but stressful nightmare of micromanaging tasks and your time.

This kooky level has you literally dropping passengers off with their luggage. I guess that’s one way to get off a plane.

The game keeps throwing in kooky new mechanics such as dropping passengers out of the plane with their matching luggage. I’m pretty sure this is not how airplanes work but it does look like an expedient way to drop off people in different locations.

Overall, Shakes on a Plane is a pretty fun game. I love task oriented, micromanagement games like this and it’s a shame that it doesn’t have online multiplayer. That said, I beat Tools Up! solo and I aim to three star this entire game solo as well. Those with friends will probably have a much easier time with the game.

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