Death Trash Gameplay Preview – Quirky Role Playing Game

Developed and published by Crafting Legends – August 5, 2021 (X1/S/X, PS4/5, S, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Death Trash is a very strange game. You play in a world where there are strange meat like tumors just growing from the earth that people harvest and eat. You have the ability to throw up on demand and use the puke as lubricant and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Once you get past the strangeness however, Death Trash is a very immersive role playing game. It reminded me of classic role playing games, such as Planescape Torment, where you spend most of your time walking around, exploring, and talking to other people.

While the conversations may also be on the quirky side, they slowly interconnect with other characters and plot threads. This creates a very immersive game where you want to explore and find out more about the world and its inhabitants.

For example, one small side quest starts when you find a giant meat kraken outside your previous home run by robots. You’ve been kicked out permanently due to some contagious sickness. Nothing’s really explained at the start so you just have to roll with it. The kraken takes an immediate liking to you and now you’re friends. He then gives you a quest to find new friends. There’s a lot involved but to make things short, you end up ripping a cyborg’s head off and feeding it to the kraken.

The game is definitely strange but it starts to grow on you, much like the meat tumors growing on the planet’s surface. The narrative and characters are interesting and combined with the element of mystery surrounding everything, it’s easy to immerse oneself in the game.

Death Trash is very much a role playing game with stat based game play.

Aside from the narrative, the game play is a standard action RPG. As you level up you get points, and you put those points into attributes to increase damage, health, charisma, and etc. The combat is pretty straight forward as well. You have a stealth ability, a ranged weapon, and a melee weapon. The combat is actually a bit difficult as enemies have a lot of health and deal enough damage that you need to use your dodge roll efficiently to avoid dying.

There is just a random naked guy hanging out in the middle no where. He will dance you for you.

Overall, Death Trash took me by surprise. It’s a pretty darn immersive role playing game and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes the old school role playing games. The story telling is top notch and immersive. You can do strange things like tame the meat slugs crawling around and then just toss them out to have them fight enemies for you. Strange, but charming, and it sure won me over.

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