Deadly Days Gameplay Preview – Zombie Survival Mini Roguelite

Developed by Pixelsplit, published by Assemble Entertainment, Whisper Games – September 19, 2019 (S, PC)
*MSRP: $11.99 –

Deadly Days is a very cute zombie survival roguelite. You control a small band of survivors and take on mini missions to scavenge for supplies and weapons.

Each mission is randomized and lasts only a minute. Must resist the urge to make a joke there. A minute may seem like a short time but it’s actually enough time to do everything if you can micromanage your survivors.

You can pick from a random assortment of missions. Rescue will let you recruit a new survivor and Burger will let you get a map piece to the Burger Factory.

Each mission has different objectives. Most missions are mainly for looting but sometimes you will be able to get a supply drop for a chance at higher tier loot or go on rescue missions to recruit a new survivor to your cause.

The Burger Factory is pretty difficult. The last stage has tons of infinitely spawning zombies.

The main objective is to destroy the burger restaurants to get the map to the burger factory, which is the source of the zombie contagion. The goal is to shut down the factory for good and destroy the zombie boss.

In between missions, you can spend your scrap to upgrade active abilities, passive abilities, create new weapons and build base upgrades. The mechanics are pretty simple so they don’t take up much time.

Overall, Deadly Days is a pretty fun roguelite. The short missions make it perfect for short or longer play sessions. The music is also great for this game. It’s a very chill acoustic sound track.

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