Beat Souls Gameplay Preview – Colorful Rhythm Game

Developed and published by Zoo Corporation – July 29, 2019 (PC)
*MSRP: $11.99 –

Beat Souls is a very colorful rhythm game with mechanics similar to a platformer. You move your character around to dodge obstacles while collecting musical notes. The game does a great job of easing you into the game so you can get used to the mechanics and then slowly ramping up the difficulty.

You move your character to avoid obstacles while collecting notes. It starts off easy and slowly ramps up.

The game does start off pretty easy. You spend most of the time moving the character around in simple patterns. I was able to full combo levels on hard on the first try. After a few levels though, the game started to get more complicated.

In addition to more obstacles, you have to jump and change color to match the notes. It’s definitely more challenging.

Moving around the levels now requires more precise timing. In addition to having a smaller margin of error, they threw in hazards that you need to jump over. The note layout grew significantly more complex as well. In the later levels you must now change the color to yellow or blue to match the notes. Having to keep track of everything together, especially when the song is set to a faster bpm, is especially difficult.

The music in the game is ok. It’s not my cup of tea but it did grow on me the more I played. The hyper colorful background may seem distracting but once you start playing, it’s pretty easy to just focus on the notes.

Overall, Beat Souls is a pretty enjoyable rhythm game. I got hooked on trying to full combo every level. There’s just something about these rhythm games where it makes me want to get a perfect run.

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