Skydrift Infinity Gameplay Preview – Good Ole Arcade Racing

Developed by Digital Reality, published by HandyGames – July 29, 2019 (X1, PS4, S, PC)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

Skydrift Infinity is an arcade racer that hails back to the days of old. It is very reminiscent of the classic arcade racers like Mario Kart, Wave Racer, and Pilot Wings. Like most arcade racers, the base game is quite simple; you control an airplane and take laps around a course in an attempt to finish first by any means necessary.

You can build boost by converting weapon pickups into meter or by doing stunts.

The mechanics are straight forward and simple as well. You build up your boost meter by completing stunts or flying very close to the ground. You can also convert weapon pickups into boost meter as well. Using the boost will give you a temporary burst of speed to help overtake opponents or further the gap with those behind you.

The weapon pickup shown above disables your plane for a short time and is quite infuriating to deal with.

Some courses also feature weapon pickups. They can range from weapons such as a heat seeking missile that automatically homes in on locked targets, a machine gun to mow down opponents in front of you, an emp, and so forth. Other levels feature rings that you must fly through to get speed boosts.

As for the racing itself, it feels pretty good. The controls work well, even on keyboard, for the most part. I’m a masochist and I play everything on keyboard and mouse but I would definitely recommend using a controller for this game.

The game has a campaign mode and multiplayer mode. As you play the campaign, you unlock new aircraft with different specs and cosmetic skins.

The game is quite fun and polished but one flaw is that it lacks in variety and can get repetitive quite quickly.

Overall, Skydrift Infinity is definitely a well made, polished game and is fun and enjoyable. One drawback though is the lack of a large enough variety in the game play modes. You’re pretty much doing the same thing over and over again. Having a little bit more of something else to do would add to the replayability of the game and go a long way.

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