Noosphere Gameplay Preview – Mediocre Horror, Excellent Puzzles

Developed by KOEX Studio, published by GrabTheGames, KOEX Studio – July 23, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $7.99 –

Noosphere is a horror game where you play as a man who survived a car accident. After receiving a blood transfusion he found himself possessed by a demonic entity. He is now in the process of ridding himself of the unwelcome passenger.

The scare factor is very low. It’s partially due to the poor graphical fidelity and uncanny animations. The sound design is also very lacking in creating a feeling of anxiety.

For a horror game, I found the game to be not scary at all. Even the jump scares were lacking. I don’t get scared by most games so take that as you will. The game is also on the janky side. The graphics, animations, and sound design are all subpar and underdeveloped. However, the puzzle element of the game is pretty well done in my opinion.

This puzzle took me a while to solve. Honestly, the exploration based puzzle solving got me hooked into this game.

The game’s design feels pretty antiquated in a comforting way. The game does not hold your hand and you must rely on subtle hints from the environment to solve all of the puzzles. Sometimes it can be bit unclear as to what you have to do next so you’ll have to explore the environment carefully.

Overall, Noosphere is definitely janky and lacking in scares. It makes it up with some old school puzzle design that I found intriguing. Some elements of the puzzles definitely frustrated me due to lack of clear design but it was never unfair. There were always enough subtle hints to point you in the right direction. If you’re looking for a game to scare you, this definitely isn’t it but puzzle game fans may find some satisfaction here.

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