Dyson Sphere Program Gameplay Preview – Production lines across the galaxy

Developed by Youthcat Studio, published by Gamera Game (PC)
*MSRP: 19.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1366540/Dyson_Sphere_Program/

Dyson Sphere Program is a game about designing production lines across multiple planets and solar systems. The grand scale of the game may seem intimidating but once you dive into the world you will see that it is very accessible.

You start the game as a lone mech on a lush planet.

You start the game as a mech on a very temperate, earth like planet with the only resources on your person being the ones you reclaimed from the drop pod. The planet’s surface is flush with resources like iron, copper, stone, and coal ready for the taking. You could harvest everything manually by hand but that would take too long.

This is where the tech tree comes in handy. By crafting the necessary materials needed for that specific tech node, you can unlock that technology instantly. The early unlocks include some very handy automation modules, including ones that automatically harvest resources, auto smelters, and auto crafters. You also unlock technology to create a network of conveyor belts to connect everything together. This is just the beginning of the tech tree and you will unlock more useful and complex modules as you progress in the game.

Tackling efficiency is half the fun in production lines and the game provides a handy graph to look at the rates at a glance.

The game becomes almost puzzle like with a lot of the fun being in creating an efficient layout that looks aesthetically pleasing. Tackling efficiency in a production line is simply a matter of making sure the rates of production and consumption are close for each module. This means that you are using most of the resources that you are producing. For example, for an auto harvester collecting iron, you need to create enough smelters to keep up with the production of iron ore so that no material is wasted. If you don’t have enough smelters, there is iron not being used where as if you have too many smelters, you wouldn’t have enough iron ore to supply each smelter.

In addition to this, creating a space efficient layout that looks aesthetically pleasing adds another layer of challenge. Cramming everything close enough while trying really hard to make sure nothing goes wrong can get quite difficult.

The game’s scale and complexity grows as you outgrow your starting planet and take to the skies to make interplanetary production lines.

This was one of my first base designs. It’s very inefficient but the learning process is very satisfying.

I know creating an efficient production line doesn’t sound like a lot of fun but personally speaking this is actually one of my favorite things to do in a game (I know, I’m a boring guy ok). I build production lines in every game if possible, like No Man’s Sky and Astroneer. Dyson Sphere Program is definitely a fantastic production line design game, along with another personal favorite of mine, Satisfactory. I’ve heard great things about Factorio as well but I haven’t played that yet. If you love boring things like me and love production line design, Dyson Sphere Program may be the game for you.

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