Mech Mechanic Simulator Gameplay Preview

Developed by Polyslash, published by Polyslash, Heartbeat Games, PlayWay S.A. – March 25, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $TBA – ​

I covered the demo of Mech Mechanic Simulator a while back and I immediately noticed a few quality of life changes in the full release compared to the prologue. I’ll be making note of them here for anyone interested in the changes.

The scanning section has been changed to a wave form matching mini game.

For starters, the scanning segment has been changed to a mini game. There is now a waveform that you have to match. You can tweak your waveform’s amplitude and move it up and down until it matches. The damaged components show much more distinctly when being scanned now. The new scanning mini game may be a pro or a con depending on what people want. It does give the player something new to do but some may find it unnecessarily tedious.

The damaged components show up as a purple holograph, making it much easier to spot.

A nice quality of life change is that the damaged components now show up with a purple holographic outline. You can see the part much more easily and you can figure out which parts need to be removed to get to the damaged component with greater ease now. Most of the repair jobs for the beginning mechs seem to be much more simpler and easier to finish as well. It does get much more complicated as you progress to more advanced mechs.

The stations and washing the mech seem to complete much more quickly now.

Another quality of life change is that the workstations for fixing components by removing rust, etc. seem to be much easier to use. Washing mechs seem to be much more easily completed now as well. Before, you needed to go over every nook and cranny before completing a task so this is a welcome change.

The tablet is an amazing time saving device. You can accept and finish jobs without having to use the office computer.

The overall profit margins for completing jobs seem to be higher. I was earning money at a much faster rate, anecdotally speaking. You can purchase a tablet once you acquire a license and hit prestige level one. This will let you accept and finish jobs without having to use the computer in the main office. This is quite a handy time saving device. The tablet is accessed by pressing the ‘T’ key.

I don’t know what the Mission Table does but it has piqued my curiosity.

There were many new stations available in the full version. The one that caught my eye was the mission station. I didn’t get to unlock it yet but it looks to provide a new game mechanic and a new way to earn money.

Overall, Mech Mechanic Simulator is another solid semi-realistic, edutainment sim from PlayWay. It runs much smoother than the prologue and I would recommend setting the graphics to low. It still looks pretty decent and you will get a way better and much more stable frame rate.

P.S. For Windows 7 users, you may still see a black screen once starting the game. You can bypass this by pressing ESC twice or thrice until you reach the main menu. The starting movie seems to be not compatible with Windows 7 and prevents the game from launching.

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