Siralim Ultimate Gameplay Preview – Monster Collecting Roguelite

Developed by Thylacine Studios, published by Thylacine Studios LLC – March 12, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Siralim Ultimate is a very old school monster collecting roguelite. You are the ruler of a kingdom contacted by the deity Caliban in a dream. Caliban is bringing news of subterfuge from the ruler of the neighboring kingdom. You set off on a grand adventure to stop any further dastardly deeds from happening and save your land. The tutorial stage can feel like it drags on but if you power through it the game opens up and you may find a much more enjoyable experience.

Siralim Ultimate has some low resolution pixel art that will make retro fans feel right at home.

The game feels reminiscent of much older dungeon crawling games. The graphics look like low resolution pixel art and fans of retro games will feel right at home. You explore randomly generated dungeons with the goal of finding the entrance to the next area. You can complete quests, gather crafting materials, and defeat monsters. Once you reach the last area, you fight a boss monster.

You can capture monsters by defeating them enough times and then summoning them at your castle.

Once you defeat a monster many times, you will be able to summon them back at your castle to join your party. You can have a party of six monsters at one time but there are over 1,200 to collect. Each of them have a special perk so you can mix and match to create a team to your liking. You can further customize your monsters by equipping one artifact to boost one stat and three spell gems to enable additional abilities.

Look at my train of monsters following me. There are over 1,200 monsters available to catch.

Overall, Siralim Ultimate is a pretty laid back roguelite. The early game may be difficult but the game becomes much more accessible once you summon more monsters. It is pretty forgiving when your team wipes as well. You only lose your acquired fortune but keep everything else, making it easy to level up your monsters and gather much needed crafting materials. The game is turn based as well so Siralim Ultimate is the perfect game to play while doing something else.

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