Fractalis Gameplay Preview – Traditional Roguelike

Developed and published by Revolutionary Interactive – February 2, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $7.99 –

Fractalis is a traditional turnbased roguelike. You start off in an unassuming town and are tasked with clearing out the basement of monsters and cultists, as one would normally do every weekend.

You have been bamboozled.

As you get to the last floor and kill the last monster, you find out you have been bamboozled. The monster you have been hunting was, in fact, a sacrifice to plunge the town into a shadow realm. That got a little chuckle out of me when I thought of all the memes possible. Jokes aside, the enemies became way stronger and you had to battle your way out and kill the boss to restore order and light to the town. From there, you teleport to other areas to free them from the shadow realm as well.

There is a lot of loot to suit different play styles.

The gameplay is pretty familiar territory for roguelike fans. You have several armor slots, such as the head, torso, legs, feet, etc. You also have a few accessory slots, such as an amulet slot, ring slot, etc. There are two hand slots for weapons and shields. Some weapons require both hands and others can be dual wielded or wielded with a shield. Each type of weapon is a skill that levels up as you use more of that weapon, such as the sword, club, tool, etc. Weapons can be thrown once, and you also have the ability to use magic wands.

When the world is plunged into the shadow realm, the creatures are much more deadly.

The default difficulty level does a great job of easing you into the first world and lets you learn the basic mechanics of the game. I did die once and come very close to dying a couple of times in my runs. Thankfully the game uses a hunger system where eating food to fill your hunger state to full will restore your health over time and killing monsters will drop enough food to get through the dungeons.

Overall, Fractalis is a pretty alright traditional roguelike. The game doesn’t offer anything new and keeps it simple and focuses on the roguelike experience.

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