Eternal Return: Black Survival Gameplay Preview – Battle Royale Moba

Developed and published by Nimble Neuron – October 14, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: F2P –

Eternal Return: Black Survival is an interesting take on the battle royale genre. Items have pretty complicated blueprints and are crafted from components. Not only is the way you itemize in the game different, the combat feels more like a MOBA, such as League of Legends.

The item crafting goes deep and knowing which item to make will give you and advantage.

The core heart of Eternal Return is the pretty deep item crafting system. Based on the character you pick and their skill set, how you equip your character will make a big difference. To gain an edge on other players, you will need to equip items for each slot (weapon, head, chest, legs, arms, and accessory) that best compliments the strengths of your character as well as soften some of the weaknesses.

The user interface is very intelligent and has a lot of quality of life features to make crafting as easy as possible.

There are very intelligent and useful notifications on the screen to help aid the players in crafting their desired items. For new players, there are default item recommendations in place. For more experienced players, you can customize the items that you aim to build for. Not only that, each area on the map will indicate which resources are used in the recommended items list. This makes it so that at a quick glance, you know exactly what to look for. Not only that, you can click on any crafting component from the menu and it will display which locations on the map have that specific item.

The combat plays like a MOBA so knowing which skills to use and how to combo them are vital to staying alive.

The combat is the other unique feature of Eternal Return. It plays and feels much like a MOBA. There are plenty of characters to choose from and each character has a set of unique skills that you level up as the game progresses. Which skills you level up is entirely dependent on your play style and understanding how to utilize each skill in combat and how to itemize your character to squeeze every advantage is the essence of the game.

Ah yes, Pokeman, my one true foe. I pretty much died to anyone I fought against.

Overall, Eternal Return: Black Survival is a pretty interesting take on the battle royale genre but it will probably not appeal to everyone. The game’s pacing is a bit more methodical and slow. Early game revolves around looting areas to get your desired item load out. The learning curve is a bit high as well. Not understanding how to build your character will probably mean you will lose most combat encounters with other players. It may be frustrating at first but the game does have something different to offer for those patient enough to learn the ropes.

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