Chicken Police Gameplay Preview – Film Noir with Animals

*Chicken Police: Paint it Red developed by The Wild Gentlemen, published by HandyGames – November 5, 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: 19.99 (Steam) –

Chicken Police: Paint it Red is an interesting take on a film noir mystery. The world is entirely populated with anthropomorphic animals. The bodies are oddly fully human while the heads are fully animals. It brings up the question of what do they eat and it turns out the answer is synthetic meat. The topic of diet aside, you play the role of Santino Featherland, a rough and tumble detective with a heart of gold who’s recently down on his luck and the bottom of a bottle.

The game starts you off with Deborah breaking into your office with an urgent request from her employer.

A young dame comes in to deliver a request from Natasha Catzanko, the current girlfriend of the notorious mob boss Ibn Wessler. Someone has broken into her house and vandalized it with a message in red paint. As Santino, who goes by the nickname of Sonny, and his old partner from the force, Marty MacChicken, start unraveling the details of this case, nothing is as it seems.

The overall aesthetic and feel of the world nails the feeling of an old film noir movie.

The game’s aesthetics are fantastic. The art style works with the black and white filter and the developers really nailed the feeling of an old film noir movie. The music and well done voice acting and dialogue also compliment this as well. The game is very light on interactive game play mechanics and is more akin to a light point and click adventure where you watch the events fold out. You do have interrogations where you have to pick the correct line of questioning. You do get graded on it but no choice felt wrong because the conversations were always interesting and well done.

Expect a lot of animal puns.

Overall, Chicken Police is a fantastic narrative driven experience. The art style, sound design, and writing paired with the fantastic voice acting deliver a very immersive world to dive into and explore. While light on game play, the game is definitely an interesting experience and something worth checking out.

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