Witch It Gameplay Preview – Magical Prop Hunt

*Witch It developed by Barrel Roll Games, published by Daedalic Entertainment – October 22, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/559650/Witch_It/

Witch It is basically a prop hunt game. For those who have never played one, it is essentially hide and seek. Most of the players go hide while a few go on the hunt. The way you hide is by turning into a prop from the surrounding environment and blending in.

This is significantly harder than it sounds and Witch It’s take on the genre adds a few new twists to the game play loop by adding in abilities. Each class can have two abilities, one ability for hiding or finding, and one to aid movement.

As a Witch you can drop these magical mushrooms to disorient the Hunters for a quick getaway.

For example, the Witches have an ability that will drop magical mushrooms around them. When a Hunter touches it, it will obscure their vision and disorient their movement, making it easier for the Witch to run away. The Witches main movement ability is flight, which can be used to make a hasty escape or get to a better hiding location. These are just a few of the abilities in the game.

The chicken is the handy companion of the Hunter. For some reason, it is very good at detecting nearby Witches.

The Hunters default ability is the chicken. You can throw it out and it will make noise if a Witch is nearby, making it much easier to narrow down where a Witch is hiding. One of the Hunter’s movement ability is a large hook that will let you cross the map quickly.

The rounds last only a few minutes and it is over when all the Witches are found, in which case the Hunters win, or the time runs out, in which case the Witches win. Every time a Witch is defeated, they return to the game as a Hunter. This makes it a bit harder for the Witches to win but it does solve the problem of waiting around doing nothing if you are found early.

Being a small object makes it easier to hide but you have less health. This person found a pretty good hiding place.

Turning into a smaller item does make it easier to hide but it also is a great risk because it decreases your overall health. By utilizing a small item, placing mushrooms into the path of Hunters as you fly away, and cutting off their line of sight is incredibly rewarding but takes practice.

Overall, Witch It is a pretty fun prop hunt game with enough new twists to add something fresh to the genre. Managing to combo your skills together and outplaying Hunters as a Witch takes incredible skill and this depth in the mechanics adds greatly to the replay value of the game. The game also has an incredible amount of cosmetics, all of which are unlockable from playing the game and most are even eligible for trade on Steam. The combination of mechanical depth and unlockables give players plenty of reason to return to the game.

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