Dustoff Z Gameplay Preview – Zombie Helicopter Action

*Dustoff Z developed by Invictus Gaming Ltd, published by Zordix Publishing, Green Man Gaming Publishing – October 15, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: $11.99 (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1277840/Dustoff_Z/

Dustoff Z is a cartoonish helicopter game set in a zombie apocalypse. You fly a colorful assortment of helicopters through zombie infested landscapes as you rescue hostages, gather supplies, defend bases, and guard convoys. Once in a while you even get to fight a comically large zombie monstrosity.

The levels are colorful and feature tiny details, such as this Jimmy Hendrix like figure jamming out in the middle of a zombie outbreak in one of the earlier levels.

As you fly through cities ever descending into chaos, you will rescue hostages and gather supplies that will help serve your cause in the future. The landscapes are colorful and hide little details and references to bosses. They are pretty small and in the background so they can be easy to miss but they do add a little bit of fun to the game’s world. One such example is a group of zombies taking an airplane stair truck for a joy ride in one of the later levels.

In the hub world, you can upgrade and unlock new gunners and helicopters.

The game mechanics are pretty simple and straight forward. After every mission you can spend your earned gold, gears, and canned food to unlock and upgrade new helicopters and gunners. Newer helicopters will have more armor, speed, and ammo storage in addition to more gunner seats while newer gunners will have more damage, faster firing rate, and higher accuracy (depending on the weapon type).

The game does have a certain silly charm to it and is fun enough but it does lack a certain depth to the game play which may be fine for some and not for others.

Overall, Dustoff Z is an alright game for mindlessly mowing through zombies. The helicopter controls are simple yet they feel great and the helicopter handles pretty well. There are daily missions that reward extra gold for upgrades and slightly adds to the replayability of the game. The game’s main mechanics, while serviceable and enjoyable, do lack sufficient depth as there is only one button to fire the gunners and you cannot choose where to aim. Dustoff Z can be beat in around five hours and this is perfect as it provides a fun time while not overstaying its welcome.

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