Art of Rally Gameplay Preview – Drifting down memory lane

*Art of Rally developed and published by Funselektor Labs Inc. – September 23, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: $24.99 (Steam) –

Art of Rally is a charming top down rally game that seeks to pay homage to the golden years of rally. You drive through stylized courses based on real locations, backed by an incredible Synthwave sound track. The cars you drive are also a throwback to the ones used in past rallies.

The free roam mode lets you explore each map and unlock some collectables.

The game has five modes available: career, time attack, custom rally, events, and free roam. The career mode is where you can compete in rallies against AI and unlock new cars and liveries for those cars. I set the difficulty to easy with no car damage so I could win because let’s just say my driving skills aren’t the best. The game also features daily and weekly events to compete in. In the free roam mode, you can freely explore each map and unlock collectables.

The racing feels solid, I just wish I was better at it.

The racing feels pretty solid as well. You have the typical manual transmission and brake handle controls available so you can drift through those corners to your heart’s content.

The game feels like a love letter to the rallies of old. I’m not even a rally fan and I felt the nostalgia.

Overall, Art of Rally feels like a love letter from rally fans to rally fans. The game is backed by a simple and charming art style, a bumping sound track, and solid controls.

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